New Concept

The new Social Video Game Console

The new Social Video Game Console

The basis on which Projecte ID is grounded is to define a portable computer especially designed to play videogames and run multimedia applications, with the possibility of simultaneous interaction and confidentiality between two or more users. A new social concept integrating new ways of linking and structuring software and hardware, specifically designed to share, learn, collaborate, teach, show and enjoy in the company of other people. A combination of characteristics that do not place limitations on its individual usage as a video console, PDA or Palmtop among many other innovative functions.


Projecte ID

The main aim of Projecte ID is to develop an ultra-portable, affordable and attractive social video console, with real possibilities of penetrating the market. A new kind of handheld device which, thanks to its adaptability and multi-faceted approach, is aimed at different markets, audiences, functions and environments.



If you are interested in the project or you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
+34 646 238 182 Humbert Giménez
+34 654 219 614 Xavier Torres (Spanish Contacts)

Barcelona (Spain)

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